Remittance Links


The latest World Bank Migration and Development Brief for 2011.

Remittance Data Resources from the World Bank

Comprehensive Country-to-Country Data on Remittance Prices from the World Bank

Article on the growth of Diaspora Bonds, another way that migrant workers help their countries develop.

Fonkozé, a Haitian microfinance institution and alternative bank that offers low-cost remittances.


New York New Immigrant Community Empowerment

The Migration Policy Institute’s Global Remittances Guide

Global Remittances Working Group, World Bank

World Bank Data on monthly remittance inflows and outflows:

Directo A Mexico: A program undertaken by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Mexico to promote transparency and competition for remittance providers.

Remas, a non-profit that uses technology to empower migrants to save money on remittances.

Inter-American Dialogue’s Remittances and Development Program.

Make the Road NY’s Fuerza Cooperativa


NYC Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Program’s Survey on access to financial servies for low-income migrants.

Send Money Africa


International Organization for Migration