What is being done to help?

New Federal Regulations to Protect Remitters

New Federal Regulations to Protect Remitters A money transfer agent on Jackson Avenue in Queens might seem like it’s a long way from Wall Street, But the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reforms will have a huge impact on the way the remittance industry operates. There is some disagreement between some experts and policymakers as to whether […]

Letting Migrants Save Money While Supporting Their Home Communities

TIGRA’s Remit4Change Mobilizes Remittance Profits for Development at Home and Abroad Making the highly fragmented remittance market more transparent is just one step in.  Remit4Change is a program that does that while addressing the root causes of migration. Remit4Change, a division of Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action (TIGRA), gives remitters not only a way […]

Remas — Using Technology to Improve Transparency and Increase Competition

Remás — Using Technology to Improve Transparency and Increase Competition While there is some considerable disagreement as to whether the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act’s mandate that remittance providers prominently post current exchange rates, there might be a better way to settle the problem of transparency. Remás is a non-profit start-up […]

Fonkoze Banks on the Haitian Diaspora

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